Water & Effluent

Water pollution is a major global problem. Virtually all human activities and industrial development are the causes of water pollution. This form of environmental degradation occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds. Water pollution is damaging not only to individual species but also to the natural biological communities

Water Testing has become one of the major concerns for authorities in different countries. Proper sampling and testing of water allows a knowledgeable approach to address the specific problems of a water supply. The analysis results play a very important function such as to identify the safety level of the portable water from potential contamination and to provide a data for appropriate waste water treatment.

Allied Chemists has a complete set of instruments and experience to provide accurate water analysis results. We offer a wide range of water testing and sampling:

Drinking Water

Mineral Water

Ground Water

Tubewell Water

Industrial Effluent

Sewage Water

Boiler Water

Cooling Tower Water

Marine Water

River Water

Dialysis Water

Deionised & RO Water

Swimming Pool Water

Palm Oil Mill Effluent

Rain Water

Fish Pond Water

Ice Cube

Lake Water

Hot Spring Water

Reservoir / Dam Water

Test Parameters:

  • Metals
  • Physical & Aggregate Properties
  • Inorganic Nonmetallic Constituents / Anion
  • Aggregate Organic Constituents
  • Pesticides
  • Radioactivity
  • Toxicity

Reference Methods:

  • APHA – Standard Method for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 21st edition 2005, American Public Health Association (APHA), American Water Work Association (AWWA) and Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  • USEPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • DOE MS – Department of Environment Malaysia, Standards Methods 1985
  • Best Aquaculture Practices – BAP Effluent Water Quality Criteria – Land-Based Hatcheries and Nurseries

Compliances & Regulatory:

Allied Chemists are providing analysis to help our clients for the statutory compliances and regulatory requirements:

  • Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulation 2009, 5th / 7th Schedule – Industrial Effluent or Mixed Effluent of Standard A & B
  • Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulation 2009, 2nd Schedule
  • Environmental Quality (Prescribed Premises) (Crude Palm Oil), Regulations 1977, 2nd Schedule – Palm Oil & Rubber Mill Effluent
  • Interim National Water Quality Standard (Malaysia)
  • Interim Marine Water Quality Standards (Malaysia)
  • Malaysian Food Act 1983, 25th Schedule – Standard for Packaged Drinking Water & Vended Water
  • Malaysian Food Act 1983, 25th A Schedule – Standard for Water
  • Malaysian Food Act 1983, 26th Schedule – Standard for Natural Mineral Water
  • Singapore AVA specification – for Mineral / Spring water and Drinking water (other than Mineral & Spring water)
  • AAMI Hemodialysis Water
  • Swimming Pool Water Quality Analysis