Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment, or ESA is a report that is developed to evaluate environmental issues at any site previously used for commercial purposes.

The scope of Environmental Site Assessment services provided by Allied Chemists includes:

Phase I – Environmental Site Assessment
The Phase I ESA involves a review of records, a site inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighbours and local government officials.

Contamination from activities that could take place on the site or at a nearby property. The records and interviews will be the best sources to provide this information. Public records are also available regarding the locations of properties that have been classified as contaminated by federal or state regulations. The review of government records and interviews may take a lot of time. To ensure a quality assessment, allow sufficient time for the process.

Phase II – Environmental Site Assessment
The Phase II ESA or BASA (Baseline Environmental Site Assessment) involves the sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of hazardous materials. However, Phase II ESA will usually be conducted after Phase I ESA has determined a likelihood of site contamination.

Risk Based Corrective Action Assessment (RBCAA)
We are able to conduct a Risk Based Corrective Action Assessment (RBCAA) if the parameters analysed exceeded the limits in the evaluation criteria during Phase II ESA.

The RBCA study typically includes the identification of contaminant of concern(s) based on the Phase II ESA report, potential exposure pathway, potential environmental sensitive receptor(s), and assessment of human health risk associated with the contaminant of concern(s) at the site in general accordance with the ASTM E 2081-10 Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action at Chemical Release Sites.