The Importance of Food Testing – Hup Seng Cream Cracker

For consumers around the world, access to safe and healthy food is an essential requirement for maintaining their overall health and well-being. Food manufacturers make significant investments to ensure the safety of their food products and to reduce the risks associated with consumer exposure to contaminated or unsafe food.

In the entire food manufacturing process chain, final product testing plays an important role to ensure the food product is safe from microbiological contamination such as bacteria and also ingredients formulation like heavy metal, preservatives and other prohibited additives.

Contamination and formulation off-spec could have happened due to raw material, environmental, personal hygiene and sabotage. Therefore, a final product testing by a reliable third party accredited laboratory is extremely important to ensure the food is in-spec according to food act and regulation.

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Hup Seng Cream Cracker Burning Case

In July 2016, there was a video showing that Hup Seng cream crackers were not safe for consumption. The video showed that the crackers could be burnt and claimed that the melting cracker could have contained plasticizer.

This video had been shared through social media and Hup Seng received a lot of criticism and claimed that the social media was intended to tarnish the company’s product image and reputation.

Hup Seng is a reputable food manufacturer since 1958. Allied Chemists is Hup Seng’s chosen third party laboratory for their product testing. Allied Chemists came out with a test report and a professional declaration letter showing that the product is without plasticizer.

Food testing is an important step to ensure that the products produced fulfill the national food act and regulations. It also protects a manufacturer from false allegations, smears and rumours by the public.

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