Our Test Mark

Allied Chemists Test Mark

Nowadays, there are so many products on store shelves made by manufacturers with fierce competition and all kinds of marketing tricks aimed to sway buying decisions. Consumers want to purchase a product that will serve them well and meet their needs. So, how do consumers make sensible purchase options?

Allied Chemists Test Mark is the answer. This mark on a product means it has been tested according to required standards and regulations. This gives consumers a sensible, realistic assessment of a product’s safety and quality.

Who Can Benefit from the Allied Chemists Test Mark?

Allied Chemists Test Mark is created to give manufacturers, distributors and retailers a point of change in the market and can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to build confidence throughout end-user channels. The test mark not only applies to product testing but it also covers environmental monitoring performance as consumers nowadays are concerned with a total life-cycle of the whole manufacturing process.

When the consumers see the Allied Chemists Test Mark on a product packaging, advertising and other marketing tools, they will know that the manufacturer’s performance claims are true. Our Test Mark defines a mark of reliability.

Allied Chemists Test Mark can be shown as a badge of truth about a product’s safety and quality. It provides reliable information from an independent laboratory like us. This benefits both sellers and buyers.

Sellers – Manufacturers and Retailers:

  • Build trust and brand reputation among consumers
  • Gain buyers/importers support and trust
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Benchmark level of quality and safety assurance

Buyers – Consumers and Importers:

  • Independent verification which will lead them to choose the right product
  • Reassurance of the product safety and quality

Using of the Allied Chemists Test Mark

Clients of Allied Chemists who send their product for our laboratory testing as well as industrial monitoring are entitled to use the Test Mark in:

  • Product Packaging
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Websites

Clients need to sign the letter of approval from Allied Chemists prior using the test mark.

Please contact us to get the Allied Chemists Test Mark Usage Guide