Water Monitoring

Water quality monitoring in the current century is a growing challenge because of the large number of chemicals used in our everyday lives and also in commerce that can make their way into our waters.

The objective of water quality monitoring is to obtain quantitative information on the:

  • Physical Characteristics – e.g. temperature, colour, light, sediment suspended in the water
  • Chemical Characteristics – e.g. dissolved oxygen, acidity (pH), salinity, nutrients and other contaminants
  • Biological Characteristics – e.g. bacteria and algae

The type of information needed depends on the objectives of the monitoring programme. Objectives and purposes range from detection of drinking water standard violations to determination of the environmental state and analysis of temporal water quality trends.

In our country, Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations 2009 and Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulations 2009, requires operators of industrial facilities to submit testing data to the Department of Environment for industrial effluent discharge from their facilities into any inland waters to demonstrate compliance with the permissible limits stipulated in the regulations concerned. Monitoring of industrial effluent, sewage water or mixed effluent quality discharge from an industrial facility is often an essential requirement of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

As for operators of industrial facilities that need to install or upgrade their existing industrial effluent / wastewater treatment plant, industrial effluent characteristic study is needed to provide accurate data on the quantity and quality of industrial effluent discharge for designing purposes.

Allied Chemists offers comprehensive water quality monitoring services that include:

  • On-site wastewater sampling
  • Wastewater characteristic study
  • Analysis of the collected wastewater samples

Kindly refer to our Chemical Analysis and Microbiology Examination section for the detailed testing parameters for water & effluent