Our Brand

From 1998


From our beginnings in 1998, we have been using ACL as our brand in our business. ACL are letters based on the acronym of the company name – Allied Chemists Laboratory. This namestyle logo is specially designed as one unit to symbolize our efficiency in delivery of quality result.

We understand that a good brand is not just a logo. It is an experience, feeling and reflective image of the people from ACL. Allied Chemists always carries the principle of our values to serve every client. Over the past few decades, these three letters have become synonymous with Professional, Quality, Trustworthy and Care.

Refreshed Allied Chemists

Recently refreshed in 2016, we have defined our brand even more distinctively and add further characteristics into it. The corporate logo has been specially designed as one unit using the original intention of the company name – Allied Chemists with the mission of allying the power of chemistry to bring quality and safety to everyday life. This design is done with the aim of reinforcing Allied Chemists branding as the organization that is passionate and caring towards people and environment, and it no longer restricts itself to just a laboratory but with more contribution to social responsibilities.


Elements of the refreshed Allied Chemists Logo:

  • The symbol – A combination of the acronym from Allied Chemists which defines our philosophy

blue“a” represents Allied which carries the meaning of combination of resources or people. Blue color is suitable in representing the meaning of “Allied” because it represents trust, sincerity, confidence, stability and intelligence. The color blue is from both the sky and sea, and is associated with open space, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity

orange“c” represents Chemists who are the people and foundation of our company. Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness. It defines our brand personality because it stands for freshness, happiness, positivity and energy

  • The Namestyle – The Prime Regular font in this artwork gives an expression of professional and stability. Black color defines our profession because it represents strength, formal, seriousness and authority.

Over the past few decades, Allied Chemists has built a strong reputation from the application of its strong core values by our people in the organization. Our passion will ensure that we continue to deliver quality service to our customers today and in the future.