Approved Laboratory by DOE for the Scheduled Wastes Analysis

We are proud to announce that Allied Chemists Laboratory Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia private laboratories that is being approved by the Department of Environmental, Malaysia for the scheduled wastes analysis.

Definition of Scheduled Wastes

Scheduled wastes are any wastes that possess hazardous characteristics and have the potential to adversely affect public health and environment.

There are 77 types of scheduled wastes listed under First Schedule of Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005.

Regulatory Requirements

In December 2016, a letter was issued from Department of Environment (DOE) to each industry which generates scheduled wastes.

DOE exercised its power to require occupier to measure, take a sample, analyse, record and report the environmentally hazardous substances

under Section 31(1)(d) of Environmental Quality Act 1974.

Industries which fail to comply to the requirement will be prosecuted under Environmental Quality Act 1974 without receiving further notification from DOE.

How Allied Chemists Can Assist You?

Allied Chemists is an approved laboratory by DOE for the scheduled wastes analysis – Ref no.: (BB) 91/110/619/161 Jld.28 (37)

We are able to analyse your scheduled wastes in accordance to the DOE’s requirement.

Kindly contact us for further inquiry